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Reviews from AmoTango's clients

"Beautiful top and skirt! Dear Marisa helped to cut the length of the skirt to my size, and I can’t wait to wear them on next Milonga."
Amanda Tz
"I bought these pants for my oriental dance class and they fit beautifully. They are well made with built-in panties to secure good fitting. The fabric is lovely and fluid, ideal for sexy leg moves. ;)"
"Most beautiful skirt, elegant and sexy and because of material and form very comfortable to wear and dance with it :). Very little weight and ideal for handluggage. I love the skirt and the contact with Marisa who sends her parcels very quickly and in sweetest outfit :)."

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Tango events can be very different: posh tango festivals or relaxed sunset practicas.

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There are several types of tango events:

  • milongas,
  • classes,
  • practicas,
  • festivals…

And they can be very different:

  • some are quite relaxed,
  • others are very posh!

Having this in mind, I created “The ultimate wardrobe for tangueras”.

With only 8 items you will be ready to attend any kind of tango event!

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